Hey lovelies! It has been much too long since I’ve shared any of the alchemy I stay brewing on this site. Over the past few months I have been hard at work developing Women.Weed.WiFi, a female art and cannabis collective. Together with my friends, we maintain a weekly blog that covers product reviews, spiritual guidance, and interviews with other artists we dig. Recently we launched our quarterly zine, the first issue called, “Say Perhaps to Society,” that features words and art from contributors and yours truly. Oh yeah, and we throw really bangin’ parties 😉 Read our manifesto and follow Women.Weed.WiFi to stay up to date with my creative endeavors. Continue reading

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Harvest X NOLA


Photos: Amongst the Wolves TV

This post is dedicated to breathing new air and experiencing a new self once more. Harvest is all about traveling and experiencing all the corners of girlhood, including sensuality. There are few places in the world more sensual than New Orleans, so of course it is near and dear to me. Like everywhere else, how you experience a place is determined by how you understand yourself at that moment. Revisiting the city as an adult, it was as if a totally different person was able to breathe the air for the first time, and I was able to revisit the emotion that governs, Beignets and Trumpets (I, II) in Harvest. Below are some photos from a recent trip to NOLA and an excerpt from Beignets and Trumpets (II): New Resident. For more to read purchase Harvest here. Happy reading and happy autumn!
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Mural, Mural On the Wall


…Who’s got the baddest ‘fro of them all?

photo: c/o Joe Nix

photo: c/o Joe Nix

I am pleased to share the completed mural by the incredibly talented Joe Nix. This piece was created for Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in the Central District of Seattle and within a few weeks of meeting with Joe he had already completed this beauty. When asked if I wanted to be a part of the project I was humbled and hella excited—be spray painted larger than life on the side of a pot shop? Absolutely. Though I’m still fairly new to the city and the area, I have been here long enough to know that the profile of the Central District is rapidly changing (read GENTRIFICATION: the ruin of communities of color everywhere) and therefore the decision to put my kinky fro and blackness (peep the “Uhuru” shirt [meaning “freedom” for the uninitiated]) on the building makes me even happier than seeing my face every day 😉

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Coffee + Cigarettes

Hello to all you lovely people visiting this corner of my virtual universe! Thank you for coming back once more. Today’s post is a bit different from the rest as it is my first video post. Directing and styling films (in addition to writing them, of course) has always been a dream of mine, and I’m proud to present the first of many to come. For this short accompaniment to my poem, “Coffee + Cigarettes” I combined forces once more with the rest of the expanding ATWTV team. Check out our new site and drop a line if you’re interested in contributing. Otherwise, witness the beginning of a new chapter below and, as always, let me know what your thoughts (+ or – ) are.

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Girl$ in Spring

Girl$ in Spring

words: Amanya Maloba
photos: Amongst the Wolves TV
clothes: all self-styled

Buns and fros,
Braids and knots.
Beautiful heads gather
In a circle, ready to send pieces of themselves
Around and around again. Continue reading

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How to Raise Your Profile by Submitting to Literary Magazines: Case Study of Amanya Maloba

Photo: ATWTV

Photo: ATWTV

Head over to author Debbie Young’s blog for my latest interview, where we discuss submitting to writing competitions, what it means to become published, flash fiction vs. vignettes, and way more. Continue reading

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Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider

words: Amanya Maloba
styling: Amanya Maloba
photos: ATWTV


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Poem: Love Songs For New Mexico

Love Songs For New Mexico


I took my bra off in the park,
In the way back, past the dogs,
Past the joggers and the paved trail.

I sat on the snapped tree—trunk perpendicular
To the ground,
Waiting for an ass like mine
To keep it warm
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April Fools from Vogue


Ok, so I don’t buy Fashion (emphasis on the “F”) magazines regularly for a lot of reasons. The main ones being a) they’re too damn expensive b) they are boring c) I usually couldn’t care less about the celebrity on the cover. However, sometimes something, usually someone, grabs me from the cover and I gladly hand over my $4.99 to Ms. Anna Wintour. This week, as I prepared for a long journey via public transportation from the airport, I was overwhelmed by the statuesque physique and Diana Ross weave of the unrivaled tennis phenomenon, Ms. Serena Williams. Continue reading

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Amanya Maloba on Storyteller Alley: Where Stories Are Born

Photo: Amongst the Wolves TV

Photo: Amongst the Wolves TV

Amanya Maloba: I only have memory of growing up in one house. This house is a good house in a good, suburban neighborhood, with a lot of good memories associated with it. It used to be brown, but is now off-white. There used to be a swing set in the backyard, but it’s not there anymore. There used to be an enormous tree stuck at a 45-degree angle with a groundhog living under the exposed roots. The tree has been cut down, and I suspect the groundhog was eaten by one of the foxes that run through the yard. There is a creek that runs behind this house that is home to snakes and tadpoles. When I was small, I used to walk the path that led to an opening of the creek hand in hand with my father. In recent years I’ve taken to sitting alone on a rock at this opening. However, none of these images is a complete description of what and where home is.

Click here to read the rest of my latest piece on where the stories in Harvest were born and where I call home.

Harvest is available in print and eBook here.
Personalized copies of Harvest available here.

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