Before Saturday Night (?s)

mia 1014-4


will we kiss?

is this shade too intense (is he one of those intimidated fuckers)?

bra or no bra?

mia 1014-3

will she bring me flowers?

will they make me laugh?

will we wait awkwardly for the bartender?

will I blush? will she?

mia 1014-2

will he be charming?

will he get my jokes?

I hope he puts his hand on my back.

I feel the butterflies coming.

mia 1014-5

how much money will I need?

purse, backpack, or pockets?

I feel hot. But wait,

where’s my perfume?

mia 1014

will we drink wine or sodas?

where are my good luck earrings?

will we hold hands?

mia 1014-8

and after the evening’s over?

should I straighten up around here? just in case.

and after all that…

better luck next time.

the next one will be the one.

and he’ll know what to do.

she’ll hate tomatoes too…

next Saturday will be magical.

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