Everyday Costumes and Candy

All photos: Amanya Maloba

Holidays are generally not my steez. I’ve never been into getting all worked up over days that mean nothing to me other than a day off or a day of good eating. Halloween is a horrible time of the year when many closet racists show their true colors through their ignorant costumes. It also is the day with the highest number of pet disappearances, tons of drunk people, and sugar in the form of candy.

That being said, the concept of dressing up is near to my heart and I’ve always enjoyed that other people can share the feeling of stepping into someone else through their appearance, even if for a day. People that wear costumes every day are my favorite type. While the rest of the world swiftly discards their leftover candy (via mouth or trashcan) and makes room for the storm of holidays always on the horizon, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for those still rocking their witchy looks throughout the year. Check out the excerpt, “Candy Boyfriends,” from my book, Harvest, for another one of my takes on Halloween.



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