Gateway Drugs/ Return to Holiness


Peppermint oil on wet skin

Chalice smoke caught in nappy hair

Your voice echoing against linoleum tiles with a waterfall on your back


Ancestors still tangled up in your last name

Ancestors celebrated in your first name


A loving hand going in circles on a knotted back

Warm lips on the backs of necks

Two cold, cut up hands pressed together to take the edge off of the approaching winter.


An unrelenting cumbia

Souls dancing through bodies

Souls without bodies still dancing from the other side



Sweat running like hell from its pore shaped dungeons

Muscles and lungs working hard, calling out for air and blood


Faces smeared in dirt, fistfuls of grass, shivering teeth, sweaty pits,

Goose bumps, moist vaginas, pierced ears, licorice stained breath.


All the colors imaginable

Gold jewelry—products of supernovae

Presence in your body made of stardust and sex.


photos: Street Creatives/ Amanya Maloba

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