In My Shoes: Red Converse

If you’ve seen me at all, chances are you’ve seen a pair of Converse on my feet. They are hands down my favorite type of shoe to trek in—and I do quite a bit of trekking. I always wished I was a sneakerhead, but I’m too clumsy and adventurous to keep any shoe un-scuffed and unsoiled. Therein lies the beauty of Converse—the more grody they get, the better they look. I love that these shoes have been with me on three different continents and 10 different states and are still going strong! Below is a photo compilation of some Northern California adventuresjust one of their many.


Photo: Amanya MalobaIMG_6155IMG_6139IMG_6043IMG_6843IMG_6907IMG_6902IMG_6909IMG_6968

Photos: Amanya Maloba and Street Creatives

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