It’s so funny to me how I can’t die
I’m already too tangible, too
much flesh.

IMG_7900I’m already exhaling oxygen
through my green green leaves.
I been breathing for
near about 13.8 billion years now
(whatever that really means).


I’ve been bleeding from my womb for longer than that,
my hair looped in four-stranded braids
from then til infinity.


And I’ve been life
and you’ve been death
(not enemies until recently),
just an understanding that
we’re opposite as Asia and North America
are on the old imperial map
(our shores also flow into one another).

IMG_4817I’ve been water before,
a worker bee too.
I went once as a mighty python,
and a sweet potato root.
I’m already recycling myself,
then it’s radiocarbon dating
for these bones.

IMG_4835Then fossils in a sack around
my granddaughter’s neck.
Then stardust,
more stardust,
some solar wind
streaming through my
thick, roped braid.


words: Amanya Maloba
Photos: Amanya Maloba/ Street Creatives

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