Illegitimate Bloom

In honor of Valentine’s Day here is a brief love poem, “Illegitimate Bloom,”by yours truly and some very colorful, lovey-dovey clothes and locations. Spread the love and watch it multiply!

heart hand eyes

Illegitimate Bloom

The fall was a false romance.
The spring had us blooming
Parts of ourselves
Into each other in a round.
A continuous storm of petals—
Fuchsia and white burst from me
Then you.

wall lean heart

widescreen skullOur petals swirl around our heads,
Frame us something beautiful.
We’re a season of our own,
And they’ve never seen
Blossoms like ours.

597kys shoe

words: Amanya Maloba
clothes: vintage (found in London and New Mexico)
photos: Street Creatives 

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