April Fools from Vogue


Ok, so I don’t buy Fashion (emphasis on the “F”) magazines regularly for a lot of reasons. The main ones being a) they’re too damn expensive b) they are boring c) I usually couldn’t care less about the celebrity on the cover. However, sometimes something, usually someone, grabs me from the cover and I gladly hand over my $4.99 to Ms. Anna Wintour. This week, as I prepared for a long journey via public transportation from the airport, I was overwhelmed by the statuesque physique and Diana Ross weave of the unrivaled tennis phenomenon, Ms. Serena Williams.


There’s no way I could adequately express how much I’ve admired this woman since as a little girl I saw her step out on the court with beads in her hair. Vogue evidently shares my same respect for Ms. Williams’s athletic longevity and overall boss lady status…just not enough to give her a full spread. Like I said, I don’t buy magazines often, but I was definitely shocked to discover that as the lead story, there was only one photo of Serena in the story and the other photo went to Caroline Wozniacki (the Danish player who temporarily held the number one position in the world while Serena was on leave). The story focuses a lot on the friendship between the two women, bordering on a joint profile. I’m just saying for an article supposedly dedicated to “Queen Serena,” Vogue sure was skimpy with the praise.
My initial response to seeing Serena on the cover was utter shock. Though I’m aware of Ms. Wintour’s dedication to tennis, I’m also aware of how fucked up Vogue’s relation with black women is, especially ones that are dark and thick like Serena. I almost felt proud of the magazine for highlighting a black woman with a naturally large behind following their atrocious article praising white women with implants for “popularizing” the trend of the booty. But turns out there was no need for alarm, the abbreviated visual and editorial attention within her own spread affirmed the unwritten rules of inclusion and exclusion of the Fashion club…


…Essentially, that was the long way of saying to other Serena fans, don’t buy the magazine. Save your money for when they give her the full attention a queen of her stature is worthy of.

All photos: Amanya Maloba

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