Poem: Love Songs For New Mexico

Love Songs For New Mexico


I took my bra off in the park,
In the way back, past the dogs,
Past the joggers and the paved trail.

I sat on the snapped tree—trunk perpendicular
To the ground,
Waiting for an ass like mine
To keep it warm


I thought of you then as I do
All the time
And I wanted your smile and, as always,
Your lips.

I sparked a blunt and
listened to the breeze in the leaves
before humming a tune stuck in my head.

I’ve been listening to too many love songs
This past week—the seven days since we
Told secrets in bed.


Fa Fa Fa
And La La La,
And I Miss You,
And I Want You,
And I Love You.

I love you.

And Whenever You Need Me,
And Warm Winds,
And You Give Me Fever,
And Here I am.

Here I am.


Photos and words by Amanya Maloba

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