How to Raise Your Profile by Submitting to Literary Magazines: Case Study of Amanya Maloba

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Head over to author Debbie Young’s blog for my latest interview, where we discuss submitting to writing competitions, what it means to become published, flash fiction vs. vignettes, and way more.

Entering competitions and submitting your work to magazines is a great way to raise your profile – if you’re successful! Otherwise it might sap your confidence and creative strength. But pick your targets carefully, and you have much to gain. Last year, for example, it got a real life when two of my flash fiction pieces were chosen for anthologies. Young author and poet Amanya Maloba shares her experience of choosing the perfect match for her submission: Vine Leaves Literary Journal, who named her Grand Finalist of their 2014 Vignette competition, for which she won a publishing contract for her debut collection, Harvest. I’ve been chatting to Amanya about her experience and about her future plans.

Debbie Young: You write very short and beautiful prose pieces and poetry, which are much harder to find an audience for such short pieces than longer works or conventional genre fiction – how else do you draw attention to them, other than on your beautiful blog?

Amanya Maloba: This entire process has been such a learning experience. Right now, I mostly rely on my blog, bloggers like yourself, word of mouth, guerilla marketing etc. I’m currently looking for independent bookstores, boutiques, and other specialty shops to carry copies of Harvest.

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