Harvest X NOLA

Photos: Street Creatives

This post is dedicated to breathing new air and experiencing a new self once more. Harvest is all about traveling and experiencing all the corners of girlhood, including sensuality. There are few places in the world more sensual than New Orleans, so of course it is near and dear to me. Like everywhere else, how you experience a place is determined by how you understand yourself at that moment. Revisiting the city as an adult, it was as if a totally different person was able to breathe the air for the first time, and I was able to revisit the emotion that governs, Beignets and Trumpets (I, II) in Harvest. Below are some photos from a recent trip to NOLA and an excerpt from Beignets and Trumpets (II): New Resident. For more to read purchase Harvest here. Happy reading and happy autumn!
nolame1 nolame2


Beignets and Trumpets (II): New Resident

Later, when you stand naked in front of the first boy you kissed with your heart swelled to capacity and fear pulsating against your ribcage, you will not flee to images from the television. You will remember the sweat in your elbows and the slow winding dance of the woman you saw when you peeked in the jazz club. You will remember the light-headed feeling from stealing sips and puffs of the purple haze. You will feel the sugar and oil mix inside you and you will invite him inside, like the sign at Louis Armstrong welcomed you. You will be Louis Armstrong in a white jacket with a red bowtie and pocket square, blowing your trumpet in the air, gently calling, Come in, Come in.





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