VIDEO PREMIERE: Coffee + Cigarettes

Hello to all you lovely people visiting this corner of my virtual universe! Thank you for coming back once more. Today’s post is a bit different from the rest as it is my first video post. Directing and styling films (in addition to writing them, of course) has always been a dream of mine, and I’m proud to present the first of many to come. For this short accompaniment to my poem, “Coffee + Cigarettes” I combined forces once more with the rest of the expanding ATWTV team. Check out our new site and drop a line if you’re interested in contributing. Otherwise, witness the beginning of a new chapter below and, as always, let me know what your thoughts (+ or – ) are.

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April Fools from Vogue


Ok, so I don’t buy Fashion (emphasis on the “F”) magazines regularly for a lot of reasons. The main ones being a) they’re too damn expensive b) they are boring c) I usually couldn’t care less about the celebrity on the cover. However, sometimes something, usually someone, grabs me from the cover and I gladly hand over my $4.99 to Ms. Anna Wintour. This week, as I prepared for a long journey via public transportation from the airport, I was overwhelmed by the statuesque physique and Diana Ross weave of the unrivaled tennis phenomenon, Ms. Serena Williams.

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Photo: Amanya Maloba
Photo: Amanya Maloba

I am absolutely delighted that February is finally upon us. I’ve always loved this month because of the colors—red, pink, and black. Throughout February we’ll be featuring posts that fit within the colorful umbrella of the month with a good combination of interviews with young black talent, short biographies of black leaders and pioneers, editorials, and maybe even a love poem or two 😉

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It’s so funny to me how I can’t die
I’m already too tangible, too
much flesh.

IMG_7900I’m already exhaling oxygen
through my green green leaves.
I been breathing for
near about 13.8 billion years now
(whatever that really means).

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New Release: “Ride or Die” by Das Leune

I spend a lot of time with this guy, so I’m a bit biased, however this new one, “Ride or Die,” by Das Leune is epic! Dude’s the only one I know who can start a song screaming punk rock style and end it rapping. Many artists like to hop on bandwagons with musical styles and fashion, or feel frustrated when halfway through their career they receive criticism for organically shifting their direction. Das Leune transcends both of the aforementioned categories by simply refusing to stay in one lane. As the opening lyrics state, “Fuck race. Fuck class. Fuck sex. Fuck genre…ahhhhhhh.” This guy’s got a lot of cool things coming up so stay tuned. In the meantime you can listen to his album Intro to Krul on iTunes or Spotify.

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In My Shoes: Red Converse

If you’ve seen me at all, chances are you’ve seen a pair of Converse on my feet. They are hands down my favorite type of shoe to trek in—and I do quite a bit of trekking. I always wished I was a sneakerhead, but I’m too clumsy and adventurous to keep any shoe un-scuffed and unsoiled. Therein lies the beauty of Converse—the more grody they get, the better they look. I love that these shoes have been with me on three different continents and 10 different states and are still going strong! Below is a photo compilation of some Northern California adventuresjust one of their many.


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I Am What’s Underneath: StyleLikeU Needs Your Help

#iamwhatsunderneathFor the uninitiated—StyleLikeU is a website run by a mother-daughter duo, Lily Mandelbaum and Elisa Goodkind. Their channel brings you in depth, sartorial-based interviews with some truly fascinating and stunning people. I first stumbled upon the site over three years ago and was actually, forreal left speechless by the “Closet Interviews” I saw. The website featured people with offbeat, seldom (or never) seen trinkets and accessories at a time when my relationship with fashion was growing deeper and more authentic. Rather than being absorbed into the Fashion world full of homogenous designs, models, patrons, and culture, StyleLikeU changed my course by confirming what I was already beginning to sense—that clothing and style can be as powerful as you allow them to be. I use my clothing to stay connected to my cultures, as an outward reflection of my true self, reminders of my travels, and so much more.

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