New Release: “Ride or Die” by Das Leune

I spend a lot of time with this guy, so I’m a bit biased, however this new one, “Ride or Die,” by Das Leune is epic! Dude’s the only one I know who can start a song screaming punk rock style and end it rapping. Many artists like to hop on bandwagons with musical styles and fashion, or feel frustrated when halfway through their career they receive criticism for organically shifting their direction. Das Leune transcends both of the aforementioned categories by simply refusing to stay in one lane. As the opening lyrics state, “Fuck race. Fuck class. Fuck sex. Fuck genre…ahhhhhhh.” This guy’s got a lot of cool things coming up so stay tuned. In the meantime you can listen to his album Intro to Krul on iTunes or Spotify.

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CollegeFashionista Next: Amanya Maloba

Amanya Maloba CF Next

For Amanya Maloba, a former University of Chicago Style Guru, writing was always her strong suit. Out of the thousands of articles I read each week, I always looked forward to Amanya’s narratives about the street style fashion, the story behind the looks and the Fashionistas/os themselves.

While incredibly impressive, it came to no shock to me that Amanya has gone on to publish her first book, Harvest, which is now available. Now as a published author at age 22, we know the sky is the limit for Amanya.

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