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For Amanya Maloba, a former University of Chicago Style Guru, writing was always her strong suit. Out of the thousands of articles I read each week, I always looked forward to Amanya’s narratives about the street style fashion, the story behind the looks and the Fashionistas/os themselves.

While incredibly impressive, it came to no shock to me that Amanya has gone on to publish her first book, Harvest, which is now available. Now as a published author at age 22, we know the sky is the limit for Amanya.

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The Undercover Soundtrack – Amanya Maloba

Photo: Street Creatives

I’m a notorious lone wolf — I spend most of the day alone. I’m also an avid people-watcher and work best surrounded by movement and chaos. How do I reconcile these traits? People repellents, also known as large headphones, large sunglasses, and an unwavering jawline. These allow me the ability to situate myself in bustling environments and maintain my inner solitude and concentration, without the distractions of small talk. This also means that most of my day is characterized by a continuous flow of music, affecting my disposition and writing. Most of the vignettes in my collection, Harvest, were written as direct results of the combination of the thoughts circulating in my mind with a lyric or mood from one of the many songs I listen to. Though Harvest emerged as a unified collection, the music that inspired it is far from cohesive.

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Screaming With Brevity reviews Harvest

Harvest Front Cover

Time, place, taste and cultural identity are the main themes within these snap-shots. Maloba takes us on a journey through what she recognises as a small world; revealing the diversities and similarities within various countries. One of the interesting aspects of this collection is the focus on being in between cultures; being a visitor and/or being visited. Every seasoned traveller will tell you that you learn more about the place you came from by leaving it, and Amanya is no exception.

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Q&A with Amanya Maloba, author of Harvest

Photo: Street Creatives

Amanya Maloba’s debut collection, Harvest, was published this month as the Grand Finalist of the Vine Leaves 2014 Vignette Collection Award. The collection is no less than a literary feast: the voice is seductive and arresting, the pages bursting with colour, flavour, and nuggets of emotional truth. In all, it is a banquet of the senses, guaranteed to leave any reader feeling dazzled and pleasantly full. We recently posed these questions to better get to know the woman behind the tour de force.

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