Cosmic Poetry: Blood For Water

Hey! I want you all to check out what I’ve been working on. Poetry was my first love and it’s that love that I’ve come back to. I compiled poems I’ve been writing over a period of three years detailing love and heartbreak on the personal, global, and spiritual levels called Blood For Water. You can purchase the collection featuring illustrations from amazing talent, Yasmin Almo. Peep the visual poetry video I made for the title poem & subscribe to the Women.Weed.WiFi YouTube channel to view all of the visual poems and interviews we do. Thank you for your support!

xo Amanya // Kenya Ku$h

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Photo: Street Creatives

Hey lovelies! It has been much too long since I’ve shared any of the alchemy I stay brewing on this site. Over the past few months I have been hard at work developing Women.Weed.WiFi, a female art and cannabis collective. Together with my friends, we maintain a weekly blog that covers product reviews, spiritual guidance, and interviews with other artists we dig. Recently we launched our quarterly zine, the first issue called, “Say Perhaps to Society,” that features words and art from contributors and yours truly. Oh yeah, and we throw really bangin’ parties šŸ˜‰ Read our manifesto and follow Women.Weed.WiFi to stay up to date with my creative endeavors.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Coffee + Cigarettes

Hello to all you lovely people visiting this corner of my virtual universe! Thank you for coming back once more. Today’s post is a bit different from the rest as it is my first video post. Directing and styling films (in addition to writing them, of course) has always been a dream of mine, and I’m proud to present the first of many to come. For this short accompaniment to my poem, “Coffee + Cigarettes” I combined forces once more with the rest of the expanding Street Creatives team. Check out theirĀ site and drop a line if you’re interested in contributing. Otherwise, witness the beginning of a new chapter below and, as always, let me know what your thoughts (+ or – ) are.

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Love Crime (Ishmael Reed x Frank Ocean)

Ishmael Reed x Frank Ocean: Love CrimeĀ 

I only just realized that these two poems (one musical and one written) share the same title. I happen to love them both. It’s a total love crime experience to listen and read at the same time (although I hear for some people those are conflicting tasks)! I chose this dark poem, breaking with the overall celebratory theme of the month, since it would be inaccurate to portray love without the shit that threatens it or makes people act to defend it righteously.

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It’s so funny to me how I can’t die
I’m already too tangible, too
much flesh.

IMG_7900I’m already exhaling oxygen
through my green green leaves.
I been breathing for
near about 13.8 billion years now
(whatever that really means).

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